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December 15, 2010



i like to read your posts. thanks for this one.

Laura Alonso

Is that true that Cavallo married and had a child and her health was not good and had to retire?

No quite Caroline Cavallo is married to a musician and had her child approx. two years ago. Following maternity leave Cavallo returned to the company and as she was reaching the retirement age at 40 a farewell performance was planned last season. Unfortunately she got injured and therefore the farewell performance was pushid 6 months, which allowed her to bow out as Aurora. As the planned first cast Aurora got injured shortly before the first night, Cavallo got first night and a handfull of performances before her farewell performance mid- december, so a real trooper to the end. Cavallo may prolong her association with the RDB as a teacher


I had the privilege of knowing Caroline in Elementary school and Girl Scouts. We always marveled at how she would glide like a gazelle when jumping over a puddle or creek, while the rest of us clumped and jumped along. It was always clear she had a gift. She was always very sweet and charming, whimsical and humble as well - a great attitude. I wish to her every happiness.

Debra Bricker

I remember her as a young girl at Atlanta Ballet school. Everyone who saw her dance knew she was special. Natural epaulement, style, taste and beautiful technique coupled with an unmatched work ethic. What a talent, and charming person.

Daemon Cavallo

My aunt now has 2 sons, and she comes back to Marietta to see us, and volunteer at her old ballet school. I love caroline!!! Thought yall should know that she is doing well! Thank you for supporting her, she is indeed a pretty inspiring person!

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