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May 11, 2014


Ingrid Bugge

Dear Dance View Times.

I am so happy that you posted my Photos from The Royal Danish Ballet.

I want to let you know that I have made four series of unique ballet posters, you can find for sale on www.balletposters.dk

I portray the grace of the Coral Ballerinas, then the beauty of The Lady of The Camellia, the Subtle Details in ballet and all in all The Essence of Ballet.

These posters condense my nearly two years in residence with The Danish Royal Ballet. My intention was to capture the soul of the ballet performances to reveal the essence of ballet through my Art.

“The result is The Essence of Ballet, a collection that showcases the mesmerizing illusion of depth in her images.”
– Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

“What I thought was interesting technologically, which she obviously engaged in this hugely laborious very technologically advanced process, but used it to create something that’s strangely, sort of gently, quite painterly in the end result, and it’s almost the antithesis of what you’d expect, that process would have let to. But they are wonderful pictures.”
– Justin Quirk, BBC world

I want to let you know that my Artwork now is for sale as posters online: http://www.balletposters.dk

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like five of my posters that you are welcome to post on your site.

And please don´t hesitate to contact me for more information.

All The Best

Ingrid Bugge

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