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December 02, 2018



The reviewer is completely wrong that "a large part of the audience had no need for Balanchine". On several visits I noticed no mass exodus as she suggests, apart from some young student groups in the amphitheatre who would have been studying INFRA for GCSE and who would have had to leave together before Symphony in C to get their transport back. Contrary to what is suggested, this brilliant Royal Ballet production of Symphony in C was loved by the audiences and furthermore (apart from this review) has been universally praised by ballet critics. It is back at the RB next year by the way.

Eva Kistrup

Hi Richard, There was a large walk out from the auditorium. I believe that several groups was leaving due to transport issues. There had been massive support for Infra and significantly less support for Symphony in C. I have recently seen Symphony in C with NYCB. That performance was not the best I have seen from NYCB, and I wrote an article about NYCB and other companies struggles to develop without their founding choreographer. In my eyes the big companies are fighting to find new works that will develop the companies. They are also struggling to gain unity in a corps considing of many different schools. I am pleased as Punch to learn that RB will continue dancing Symphonie in C next season, as this will stregthen the production and the unity among the dancers. Eva

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